Private sale vs. Dealership sale; which is better?

Door To Door Auto Sales

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Here’s what to consider when looking at a vehicle being sold on Kijiji or at a dealership.


  • The condition of private sale vehicles is your responsibility. Any repairs or detailing costs the vehicle requires falls on you, the buyer. At a dealership, the vehicle will be professionally detailed with a list of repairs they have done before you arrived.


  • In order for a dealer to sell you a vehicle it must have a recent safety inspection.  If you buy privately there may need to be repairs before it passes safety and before you register/insure it.


  • Due to legality and regulations, dealers cannot afford to lie, cheat, or scam you. Private sales do not have to abide by these same rules.


  • While the private seller may be parting with the exact vehicle you have in mind, that is the only option. A dealer will have plenty of options in your price range and may open your eyes to a new possibility.


  • Finally, a dealer can offer a substantive and thorough report on the vehicle’s history, previous ownership, manufacturer warranties and Car Proof report.


  • Buying a used car from a dealer means you’ll get better financing options. Dealers deal with all the major banks and specialized banks for customers with challenged credit. 


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