3 Advantages of Buying a Rental Car

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Why should I buy a rental car?

The general attitude about rental cars is that they experience heavier wear and tear, or that rental companies dispose of their inventory because the vehicles are in rough shape. However, buying a used rental car has some big advantages; you just need to know what to look for. 

1. The vehicles are newer

A lot of rental companies remove cars from their fleets after a year or two of use to keep their inventory newer for customers to use. That’s why you never see a 15-year-old beater available for rental. If you’re looking to buy a rental car, chances are you will be choosing from a relatively new selection of vehicles.

2. Regularly scheduled maintenance

Rental companies must maintain road-ready, safe, and clean vehicles for customers to use, otherwise they risk decreased return business. Their inventory gets treated with more attention than most other used vehicles in retail circulation for this reason.  

3. Potential for bigger savings

Possibly the biggest advantage to buying a rental car is the potential for substantial savings compared to average retail prices. Car rental companies buy and sell cars in large quantities. In order to sell in large quantities, they are motivated to offer discounted rates. 

To increase sales and eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth traditionally involved with car buying, prices are low and non-negotiable, which is great news if the thought of trying to haggle makes you sweat.

Tips for buying a rental car

  • Check the mileage
  • Look at the vehicle’s Carfax history
  • Consider adding warranty
  • Get financing pre-approved

Still unsure? Contact us today, and we’d be happy to walk you through all your options for your next vehicle purchase!

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