7 Essential Vehicle tips for the Fall!

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Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. Time to get ready for sweaters, pumpkins, and cozy blankets. Fall is also a great time to check in on your vehicle and make sure it’s ready to survive the harsher climate and weather!

1. Check the fluids

Fluids should be checked once per season, or more if you’re a high kilometer driver. Take your vehicle to your local mechanic to have them check the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and any others they suggest.

2. Inspect the tires

Winter is just around the corner! Tires impact vehicle handling, braking ability, and overall safety of your vehicle, so it’s important to make sure they have enough remaining tread. Experts recommend there is at least 4/32” of tread remaining at any point. Measure it yourself with a tire gauge or take your vehicle in to your local mechanic.

3. Make sure your lights work

Days are getting shorter which means you’ll be spending more time driving in the dark. Visibility for yourself and making sure other drivers can see you is an important part in staying safe on the road! Make sure to check your headlights, as well as your brake and reverse lights to make sure everything is functioning properly.

4. Check the windshield wipers

Get ready for rain and snow! No one likes trying to see through a streaky windshield. If your windshield wipers streak, get a new set. They’re usually easy to install yourself, but if you’re not comfortable, seek assistance from a professional.

5. Check your brakes

It’s getting colder which means there will be sludge and ice on the roads. It’s no secret how important brakes are in the fall and winter seasons! Brake pads should have no less than 4mm of friction material remaining before you need to replace them. Bring your vehicle in while it’s still dry out to get a professional have a look.

6. Make sure your heater works

We live in Canada, folks – no explanation needed on this one! Make sure you can be nice and toasty all winter long.

7. Accessorize for the season

Whether you drive a little or a lot, make sure you’re comfortable in your vehicle! Fall and winter can be mucky and wet, so you may want to spruce up your vehicle with some nice floor mats or seat covers to keep it nice and clean. Maybe even a remote start to spare you those excruciating 5 minutes of cold while your car heats up. The sky is the limit!

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